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A Virtual Tutor at your Child’s Fingertips

The tutoring process demonstrates that most of the students do have the potential to reach this high level of learning [i.e., the 98 percentile]. I believe an important task of research and instruction is to seek ways of accomplishing this under more practical and realistic conditions than the one-to-one tutoring [option], which is too costly for most societies to bear on a large scale.

Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom, American Educational Psychologist

Intelligent Tutoring Systems are, within the limitations of this article, just as effective as adult, one-on-one human tutoring for increasing learning gains in STEM topics.

Dr. Kurt VanLehn, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering

The Case of Michael and Sarah

Sarah and Michael are twins, and they’ve both failed a math test. Sarah failed because she doesn’t quite have a handle on her math facts yet, while Michael struggles with word problems because he’s behind in his reading comprehension. “Teaching to the middle” is not a viable solution for either student. Really, they need individualized care from an attentive tutor (i) to find each student’s problem and (ii) to teach the appropriate content.

Learnatric utilizes over 100 micro-assessors that continually track how students are doing. We then use that data to choose the best lesson to deliver, just like a tutor would.

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How It Works

Parent Dashboard

Parents can view their students’ progress in the form of graphs and charts, personal rooms, avatar, and more


Robo gives direct instruction with videos that are curated based on each student’s needs


Robo asks questions and responds based on how students perform, just as a tutor does

Problem Sets

Students practice curated problems to demonstrate mastery

View a Class with Robo:

See What Other Parents Are Saying

Repetition in educational technology may be useful, but it can be a waste of time if the student is ready to move on and the program forces you to spend a certain amount of time on a lesson.

Rudy, father of 11-year old

Offering personalized learning cadence to each kid’s learning capacity is absolutely a great idea.

Vincent, father of 2-year old

The great thing about Learnatric is how advanced it is…the biggest problem with other programs is they are not personalized.

John, father of 8, 11, and 12-year olds

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