Our Approach

We have seen how technology has enabled personalization of services in virtually every industry—health care, financial services, automotive, retail goods, etc. However, we still teach students using outdated and ineffective models of education because the users (students) are not the same as the customers (parents and/or school districts). It is inevitable that we are on the precipice of completely redesigning teaching methods that fully leverage the capabilities of AI/Machine Learning. Other businesses haven’t been able to harness the technology to adequately “mimic” having a classroom teacher making instructional decisions in real time. That is, with current ed tech, students practice errors, don’t get immediate corrective feedback, they don’t get a sufficient number of opportunities to respond, etc. that limit whether or not actual learning is taking place. In other words, AI/machine learning is not being leveraged to replicate the instructional decisions in real time that a teacher makes when teaching in-person, in real time.

While, there are many learning platforms for online learning, curriculum, doing pre-tests, post-tests, etc. they all give delayed results based on the timing of the formative assessment. Learnatric will do it faster (in real time) and adjust the content to match a student’s learning needs for that moment such that the amount of time it takes to learn a concept is accelerated and happening at the just the
right pace for the student.

Learnatric use the principles of machine learning blended with pedagogy known as Threshold Concepts to provide a personalized educational approach for each student. This solution will deliver a personalized approach for each student that moves beyond simple branching algorithms associated with adaptive learning and creates a new dynamic approach to education so that students can learn at their own speed and level while realizing their full potential. The program is built around benchmarking the child’s status at critical junctures, starting with an initial assessment and developing a customized plan for that child—helping him/her to accelerate their individual learning.