Machine Learning…for Kids?

Over the last decade, Machine Learning and AI have become common terms and tools that can be applied to most problems. So many things we interact with have some form of a machine learning component to aid in the process. Fraud detection helps keeps your bank accounts safer Route optimization gets you to your destination as fast as possible while avoiding accidents. Speech recognition and translation have made it easier to interact with each other and technology. And the application that we probably experience most is the recommendation algorithms that serve up new music, TV shows, news articles, ads, and search results based on what our preferences are.

Now I’d argue that most of these applications have helped us be more productive and make better decisions although I know there’s a lot of grey area. It’s natural to be uneasy with a black box that is using our data to make decisions without confirming it has our best intentions in mind. The top two things I believe help us all overcome this hesitation are transparency and results. Any insight you’re able to get about how the decisions are made can make it feel more human. And even if that doesn’t happen, ease of use and seamless integration can go a long way into adoption.

We want to take the best that machine learning has to offer to create something that’s undeniably for good with no hidden agenda. With all the outside help we get, one of them should definitely be to help strengthen student’s skills.

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