Data Science Lesson for Kids

Earlier this year Data Science Connect put on the first ever Data Science Conference for K-12 students and teachers. We were thrilled to have our Chief Education Officer Holly Windram host a session on how educators are data scientists too! It was a great day with a lot of fantastic speakers and with it being … Read more

Adapting Adaptive Technology

A wide variety of educational reforms and programs have been championed in a pursuit to improve education in the United States.  Some recent ideas include enforcing standards, opening charter schools, providing vouchers for private education, improving teacher pay; two recent federal programs include No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.  Despite these efforts, … Read more

Machine Learning That Serves The Students, Not The Curricula

Technology innovation impacts nearly every industry and enables customers to get a personalized experience.  However, for some reason education still lags, with children still largely being taught in the same manner as 100 years ago.  Select implementations of technology in education like smart boards don’t really solve the core problem.  Instead, what we need is … Read more

Machine Learning…for Kids?

Over the last decade, Machine Learning and AI have become common terms and tools that can be applied to most problems. So many things we interact with have some form of a machine learning component to aid in the process. Fraud detection helps keeps your bank accounts safer Route optimization gets you to your destination … Read more

Procrustean Beds and Tutors

There’s a Greek myth that describes a son of Poseidon named Procrustes. He had an iron bed with the imprint of what he considered to be the “proper man.” Rather grimly, Procrustes would capture wavering travelers and force them to conform to that imprint. If they were too short, he would stretch them until they … Read more

Finding Your Kid’s New Normal

From my experience, and I hope I’m not alone in this, becoming a teacher was a very scary goal. The best teachers make it look effortless and have a wealth of knowledge in not only their subject but in all the soft skills of controlling a classroom, inspiring their students, and doing what it takes … Read more

Safe or Beneficial?

I remember overhearing a gentleman in a waiting room venting that someone he knew was meditating, which was obviously (to him) an evil, eastern practice. After half-yelling about that, he went on to talk about the news of the day for about thirty minutes. I couldn’t help but smile to myself at the irony: he … Read more

Is Online Learning for Me?

Making a decision about what online learning platform to choose for your child is important.   Prior to COVID forcing schools to go virtual, there were many products available.  One beneficial outcome of school closures is that options for online learning have expanded.  Caregivers still have questions about quality, safety, and whether their investment has … Read more

We do

Teaching is more than just teaching. It’s about a third of it. If it stopped with teaching, or direct instruction, kids would essentially be information receptacles. Still, I knew as a teacher that I couldn’t just hand them a worksheet and say, “Now that I’ve taught you this, please go ahead and apply it.” Teachers … Read more

Lesson (re)Learned

There is a teacher shortage in the US, and it’s worse than we thought (of course). According to the U.S. Department of Education, 40+ states in the US report some significant degree of shortage of mathematics teachers in particular, leaving some to question whether the profession is worthwhile. Compounding all things, COVID-19 has also disrupted … Read more