Data Science Lesson for Kids

Earlier this year Data Science Connect put on the first ever Data Science Conference for K-12 students and teachers. We were thrilled to have our Chief Education Officer Holly Windram host a session on how educators are data scientists too! It was a great day with a lot of fantastic speakers and with it being … Read more

Machine Learning…for Kids?

Over the last decade, Machine Learning and AI have become common terms and tools that can be applied to most problems. So many things we interact with have some form of a machine learning component to aid in the process. Fraud detection helps keeps your bank accounts safer Route optimization gets you to your destination … Read more

Finding Your Kid’s New Normal

From my experience, and I hope I’m not alone in this, becoming a teacher was a very scary goal. The best teachers make it look effortless and have a wealth of knowledge in not only their subject but in all the soft skills of controlling a classroom, inspiring their students, and doing what it takes … Read more