Learnatric supplements schools’ curricula and features four key areas of support for students


Lessons delivered to students based on their needs to make sure their time is well spent


Activities that engage students through the process and help them learn in a fun way

Problem Sets

Testing proficiency in all areas covered by lessons and activities to measure progress for every student


Identifying strengths and weaknesses of each student to optimize the learning path


The struggles of the educational system in the United States are well documented, especially when compared to other nations of the world. Numerous studies, blue ribbon panels, laws and regulations have been pursued, and billions of dollars have been spent on school reforms. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that education has not meaningfully changed in the past quarter century and educational results have not improved.

The dynamic components of the Learnatric system are designed around established theories of learning that guide effective teaching. Traits of learning are tracked using an introduction of activities that are tagged with a wide range of skills and learning tendencies. As students move through various activities, the Learnatric system is learning about them. Utilizing machine learning to bring a higher level of efficacy to the process makes Learnatric unique.

“Offering personalized learning cadence to each kid’s learning capacity is absolutely a great idea.”

Vincent, father of 2-year old

“Repetition in educational technology may be useful, but it can be a waste of time if the student is ready to move on and the program forces you to spend a certain amount of time on a lesson.”

Rudy, father of 11-year old

“The great thing about Learnatric is how advanced it is … the biggest problem with other programs is they are not personalized”

John , father of 8, 11, and 12-year olds


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